Kunstkontor Basel was founded as online art dealership in 2018. We are focused on Concrete, Constructive and Conceptual Art spanning avant-garde positions from the 1920s until today. Kunstkontor presents a selection of original prints, multiples, NFTs and unique works by European artists in collaboration with renowned publishers. Works by artists such Lajos Kassák, Victor Vasarely, Lou Loeber, Lothar Schreyer, Walter Dexel, Günther Fruhtrunk, Jo Niemeyer, Lars-Gunnar Nordström, Matti Kujasalo, Peter Vogel, Walter Giers and many more.


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  1. Art is universal.

  2. A work of art must be entirely conceived and shaped by the mind before its execution. It shall not receive anything of nature’s or sensuality’s or sentimentality’s formal data. We want to exclude lyricism, drama, symbolism, and so on.

  3. The painting must be entirely built up with purely plastic elements, namely surfaces and colors. A pictorial element does not have any meaning beyond “itself”; as a consequence, a painting does not have any meaning other than “itself”.

  4. The construction of a painting, as well as that of its elements, must be simple and visually controllable.

  5. The painting technique must be mechanic, i.e., exact, anti-impressionistic.

  6. An effort toward absolute clarity is mandatory.

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