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Hans Hinterreiter: Tondo (1978)

Hans Hinterreiter: Tondo (1978)

CHF 750.00Price

Hans Hinterreiter: Tondo (1978) 


Edition: P.A., hand signed and numbered, Lithograph 

ca. 50 x 70 cm

Good condition, some minor signs of age on the paper


Hans Hinterreiter (1902-1989) belongs to the same generation as Max Bill, Camille Graeser, Verena Loewensberg and Richard Paul Lohse. His constructivist-concrete style however was completely developed independently, without influence from the avant-garde at that time. Born 1902 in Winterthur, he first studied mathematics in Zurich, then architecture and could additionally be trained as a concert pianist. He decided in 1929 to dedicate himself completely to painting, whose scientific bases he began to study intensely. One year later the first completely abstract work originated, for which most complicated form and colour concepts were the basis. In 1937, on invitation of Max Bill, Hinterreiter joined the ALLIANZ, the coalition of modern Swiss artists, which provided the first exhibition possibilities for him. In 1943, he established himself finally on Ibiza, where he operated a farm up to his death in 1989. During that time he developed his rich and various artistic work further, which includes numerous art-theoretical writings in addition to paintings, studies and prints. 

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