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Klaus vom Bruch: Es rappelt im Karton (1986)

Klaus vom Bruch: Es rappelt im Karton (1986)

CHF 1'100.00Price

Es rappelt im Karton (1986)


Mixed media object / multiple 

Ca. 18 x 24,5 x 9,5cm
Edition of 18, published by Helga Maria Klosterfelde Edition, Berlin


Klaus vom Bruch is a German artist known for his innovative and thought-provoking contributions to the fields of video art, performance, and installation. Born in Cologne in 1952, he emerged as a key figure in the conceptual art movement in the 1980s.

Vom Bruch’s work explores the intersection of politics, media, and culture, often offering scathing critiques of contemporary society. Drawing inspiration from the rapidly evolving media landscape, he employs techniques such as found footage, appropriation, and multimedia to deconstruct and challenge prevailing narratives.

His early video works, such as "Zapping" (1982) and "TV Today" (1984), tackle the influence of television on collective consciousness and challenge conventional notions of representation. Vom Bruch manipulates and recontextualizes television footage to expose the underlying power dynamics and ideological biases at play within the medium.

A prominent theme in his art is the examination of German history and memory, particularly in relation to the aftermath of World War II and the Cold War era. In works like "Deutschland deine Lieder" (1984-1985) and "Hitler's Death" (1994), he delves into the complexities of national identity, guilt, and collective memory.

Vom Bruch's works often blur the boundaries between art and activism, inviting viewers to critically engage with pressing political and social issues. Through his art, he seeks to provoke dialogue and inspire reflection on the societal constructs that shape our lives.

Today, Klaus vom Bruch's artworks are widely exhibited and celebrated internationally. His innovative use of media, his critical perspective on contemporary culture, and his contributions to conceptual art have solidified his place among the most influential artists of his generation.


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