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Jurgen Ostarhild: 36images

Jurgen Ostarhild: 36images

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Jurgen Ostarhild: 36images, looped (2021), NFT-player 220V, generated on may 12th, 2021. 64*64 px 16*16 cm, edition of 15.


Jurgen Ostarhild is self-taught photographer who was recognised as an artist by the Verband bildender Künstler, Baden-Württemberg in 1981. Since 1984, he worked internationally as a fashion photographer. Having had studios in Stuttgart, Munich and London, he settled in Paris between 1993 and 2013. Ostarhild gained commercial acclaim photographing celebrities and shooting advertising for international brands such as Levis, Adidas, L’Oréal and others. His work has appeared in I-D, Jalouse, Wad, Paper and Sunday Times, among others. In 1995, Ostarhild became one of the pioneers of Photoshop, experimentation with the essence of photography and the photographer-subject-technology relationship in the digital age.


His work as an artist,  represented by Galerie Jerome de Noirmont, Paris, includes his first solo show of gender morphing works “Überbabes” in 2002, which continued on to FIAC and Forum Des Halles in 2010. Ostarhild currently lives in Berlin and works as a visual artist, exploring the genesis of colour and image. His most recent exhibition, 2019, was curated by Eugen Gomringer at IKKP Institute in Rehau, Germany and presented works in letters that comprise the Hexadecimal code for colour photography.

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