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Value Manifesto: Decryptor (NFT + display / 1 of 250)

Value Manifesto: Decryptor (NFT + display / 1 of 250)

CHF 6'000.00Price

Value Manifesto , 2018

IoT circuit board, metal, nixie tubes (R|Z568M), perspex, leporello certificate, digital erc-721 token

5 3/10 × 22 4/5 × 7 1/10 in

13.5 × 58 × 18 cm

Edition of 250


Value Manifesto declares its own commercial value to be art, as the first crypto- multiple in the history of art. Value Manifesto is accessible to everyone via the internet and can be traded via its own marketplace without intermediaries and collusion. The price of the editions is determined by the Value Manifesto’s Blockchain based web platform on which bids are accepted for the acquisition of a single edition. Each crypto-multiple of a limited edition of 250 units is represented by an ERC-271 token on the Ethereum Blockchain.


The value (defined in Swiss Francs) can be seen on the Value Manifesto bidding platform and on all 250 manufactured Value Manifesto IoT decryptor displays.
The reduction of the present artistic concept to its market value is a provocative statement in the ages of a hyper-commercialized, multi-billion dollar art market. In the case of the Value Manifesto, the prices are not created by galleries, auction houses and collector circles, but by real and unfiltered market request. In its existence in a purely digital form as a crypto-token, it introduces the philosophy of the technically reproduced multiple to the Zeitgeist of the digital age. The time has come to experience the moment of Blockchain Enlightenment in the art market and question the market authorities and their non-transparent business approach of the past. The principle of this project stands for the moment of enlightenment in the art market. As a continuous and long-term experiment, the findings of Value Manifesto shall be used to demonstrate the application of Blockchain technologies in the art market.

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