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Romain Tièche: RSOL (2022)

Romain Tièche: RSOL (2022)

CHF 1'400.00Price

Romain Tièche: RSOL (2022), ink on paper on alu-dibond, 26.5 x 37 cm, edition of 7. 


This edition is part of Tièche's project Random Shot of Light, an installation referencing an optical anomaly. The anomaly appears by linking different technologies and deals with the idea of the proletarianization of know-how by a system of automation of the production of images.

This installation combines a Plexiglas plate, a cell phone and two video projectors. The confrontation of these elements reveals a decomposition of white light invisible to the human eye. This comes as a continuous stream of moving gradients spanning the spectrum of light. Programming the variation of parameters, according to random sinusoidal curves, generates an infinite video stream. The four editions are a capture of this stream. 


In 2007, Romain Tièche completed his bachelor degree in economy and marketing at the University of Applied Scienc- es in Neuchâtel and worked as a project manager for several years on national and international projects in a famous swiss group. In 2014, he joined the University of Art and Design in Basel at the HyperWerk Institute, where he experimented an “out of the box” thinking and graduated in 2017. Since 2018, in parallel with his multidisciplinary Project Manager activity in creativ context as Creativ Consultant, Scenogra- pher, Videographer, he developed his skills in the production of three-dimensional art at Kunstbetrieb and then in digital art at Tweaklab in the Basel area.
In 2020, he created a workshop about a practice of total aesthetic life and teaches at the experimental school A Part Entière in Switzerland. He obtained his Master Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Art in Mulhouse-Strasbourg in 2021.

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